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Karen starts work for Ian but her constant talking annoys him and he sacks her after she takes burgers that she assumes are being thrown out. Lisa Schrage Lisa Skinner. The character is a new love interest for Shirley. Married model-turned-history teacher, 30, resigns from exclusive South African school after 'sexual Naya Guzman Nazneen Contractor.

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Cindy Girling Cindy Hinds. He slipped a finger between my pussy lips and tickled my clit. Ansia Wilscam-Desjardins. Kandice agrees to loan them the money, but when Karen begins arguing with her, Kandice changes her mind. After bickering again and Karen throwing the money back, Karen and Kandice make up. I love being naked outside. A patient who Dot Branning June Brown meets when she is placed in a hospital ward.

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Executive producer Sean O'Connor said that he is "hugely excited at the arrival of Karen and her family in Albert Square. The baby is delivered via caesarean section after her mother becomes brainstem dead following a fall with Lauren from the roof of The Queen Victoria public house. Anna-Marie Sutherland. Kandice agrees to lend them the money, but when Karen begins arguing with her, Kandice changes her mind. A charity shop employee who agrees to allow Tina Carter Luisa Bradshaw-White and her dementia-suffering mother, Sylvie Carter Linda Marlowe , to look for a dress for Sylvie despite the shop closing in five minutes. Sweat beaded on my forehead and upper lip. You mean a lot of blowjobs?
Newcomer Travis asks her out on a date this week". He was invited to audition by EastEnders ' casting executive, Julia Crampsie, 18 years after she first approached him about him joining the show. Sylvie is confused and insults Ivy's age, and Ivy asks them to leave but Tina says Sylvie is just having a bad day, so Ivy allows Sylvie to get changed into the dress she picked, as she is on her way to a party. Michelle then reveals that everything has been recorded and says that if he comes near her again, she will show the video to his boss, clients and former wife. Alison Richards Alison Sealy-Smith. Keanu tells his family he is determined to get a job and not resort to benefits.
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